Author: Kate Benzin

Hi, I'm Kate! I believe in trusting my own intuition and common sense. I don't wait for luck to come calling at my door. Instead, I take a risk when my gut tells me that it's the right thing to do. That's how I ended up in Indonesia with 2 Dalmatians and 5 whippets - I took the right risk and found a place where I truly felt at home. Come along on my expat journey here at ExpatMojo where I'll share with you the good times and the bad times.

6 Replies to “Risk Disguised as Luck

  1. Oh, how fun! I love that you took risks and landed where you need to be. I’m a big risk taker and wouldn’t have it any other way. Playing it safe is for sissies!

    1. Thanks, Peggy. I suppose any of us who are involved in earning money online must be risk takers to some extent. Living day to day without a job to guarantee income says a lot about a person. Glad to hear you’re not a sissy!!

  2. I love this Kate. I hope you’ll post more of your life in Indonesia. Very inspiring. I can’t say I’m not afraid to fail. I am. I just don’t think about failing in my enthusiasm to try new things, but when I do fail, and it’s often, I work myself out of it. Love your posts.

    1. Thanks a million, Helen. I think you said it just right. I’m also afraid of failing, but the excitement of trying new things takes over and buries that fear – at least for a while. 🙂

  3. Love the ‘ExPat Mojo’ Title! …Great to hear more how how you grew into to being the amazing woman you are. I too did similar and from a very limited exposure prior to the world ‘out there’ beyond the humble rural ag valley I grew up in. I sought out opportunities!

    As a peer, raised by the scared-by-scarcity Great Depression Survivors (and WWII heroes)., we had an extra hurdle …

    When I ditched my local community pool ( few private ones where I grew up… we ran through sprinklers to cool off or jumped into an irrigation ditch..) lifeguard job to join a mobile dental clinic, serving children in N CA Migrant Labor Camps I had learned about, from the resident kids living in such I had taught swimming to, in Spanish, as a volunteer for the American Red Cross..

    .. Well my Mother almost had a stroke! She screamed at me ” You left that secure job to do what?!”

    Best decision I ever made. Lead me to work as a trained-on-site dental asst. &

    1. Thanks, Dixie, for reminding me of so many things. You’re a bit younger than me, but still close enough that we had some of the same types of experiences growing up, resulting in lots of the same attitudes toward life.

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