Barbara’s Unexpected Death

Expat Mojo

How does the death of an acquaintance affect you? That’s the issue I’m currently having trouble with – the sudden, unexpected death of someone I was looking forward to getting to know better.I’m not talking about the death of a friend. But not a casual acquaintance either. Someone who fits somewhere in between those extremes. […]

Books that Ignited My Dreams of Travel

During Victorian times, young adults from wealthy families in England went on a Grand Tour. They traveled for extended periods of time as an essential part of their education – an essential part of their passage into adulthood.They spent weeks or months in Paris, Switzerland, Italy – actually, anyplace that beckoned. The more adventurous traveled […]

Risk Disguised as Luck

risk vs luck

Have you been lucky in life? Have you been faced with the dilemma of risk vs luck?A very good friend of mine likes to complain that I’ve been remarkably lucky all my life while her luck has always been bad. She feels that I’m living my dream simply because I’ve been lucky – not because […]