Author: Kate Benzin

Hi, I'm Kate! I believe in trusting my own intuition and common sense. I don't wait for luck to come calling at my door. Instead, I take a risk when my gut tells me that it's the right thing to do. That's how I ended up in Indonesia with 2 Dalmatians and 5 whippets - I took the right risk and found a place where I truly felt at home. Come along on my expat journey here at ExpatMojo where I'll share with you the good times and the bad times.

2 Replies to “Barbara’s Unexpected Death

  1. Beautiful and honest account of a very human experience. In my experience with grief, having lost more people than I care to count, it has its own path. The emphasis is on you because you are the one experiencing this loss, the person and the possible friendship. There’s no right or wrong way to feel. It sounds as though you were willing to give the potential friendship every chance. I’m sorry you missed the chance to find out.

    1. Thanks, Helen, for your thoughtful response. Because Barbara’s death was so unexpected and she was 7 years younger than me, I’ve now been thinking a lot about my own health and mortality. Got my juicer out and juiced a bunch of vegetables and apples. Will I be able to get myself to drink it?

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